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👋 Introducing Employee Overviews: A Game-Changer for Team Management!

Say hello to a crystal-clear understanding of your team's digital footprint. Forescribe's new Employee Overviews feature lets you seamlessly manage and optimize your team's tech usage like never before.


  • Gaining a comprehensive view of each employee's app usage, spending, and productivity in one centralized dashboard. 📊

  • Effortlessly tracking your team's most-used apps and identifying potential areas for optimization. 📈

  • Making data-driven decisions about team workflows, app adoption, and budget allocation. 🧠

Forescribe's Employee Overviews empower you to:

  • Get a 360° view: See a detailed breakdown of each employee's app usage, spending, and even time spent on different applications.

  • Optimize app adoption: Identify redundant apps and suggest alternative solutions to streamline workflows and save costs.

  • Empower your team: Provide your team with insights into their own tech usage, helping them improve efficiency and productivity.

  • Boost transparency and accountability: Create a collaborative and data-driven environment where everyone can understand and contribute to team success.

Ready to streamline your team management and unlock a new level of insights?

Forescribe: Where data drives smarter teams and better business outcomes. ✨

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